We offer the right transport concept for each of our customers. Our fleet is moving throughout Europe. Permits, customs formalities and special customer requests are taken into account and organized by us. Salzgitter EuroLogistik GmbH will work out the right transport solution for you, tailored to your material. Oversized goods are transported for you with our special fleet.

Furthermore, we specialize in steel, machine, tool, coil and automobile transport.


Spread under tarpaulin up to 5m width

Overhanging under tarpaulin with our tarpaulin bed

Overlengths open or under tarpaulin

Transport with megatrailer for the automotive industry

Event and trade fair transports

Coil and steel transports


  • 13.6m Tautliner saddle with coil trough and extra length approval up to 16.5m material length
  • 13.6m megatrailer for automotive logistics
  • 13.6m Megatrailer with Coilmulde and Überlängengenehmigung to 16.5m material length
  • 13.6m special Megatrailer widenable up to 4,50m for transports of wide machines completely under tarpaulin
  • 13.6m open mega-saddle for over-widths, over-heights and excess length transports
  • 13.6m Megatrailer, 3m seitl. Loading height and lifting roof for automotive logistics
  • Tarpaulin, 3.8m high and up to 5m under tarpaulin
  • Mega Telesattel up to 20m length and for overwidths or heights transports